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 Products / E-Store

E-Store with shopping cart for online shopping websites , hosting & designing , Paid services , etc ...

Version : 1.0

System Requirements :

Available Plugins :
  • members can add them items (Free)
  • Products Comments (Free)
  • Contact us Form (Free)
  • Guest Book (Free)
Features and Details

Products Display & Management

  • The Ability of adding Main and sub Categories for Products
  • Can easily change the categories order through drag and drop feature
  • The Ability of specify Product's Features for each Category Ex : Manufacturer , CPU Type , Car Type , Release Date, Etc ...
  • Products Search with ability of searching using products features and price range.
  • Can Add Moderators for each Category
  • The Ability of changing Page Title , Description and Keywords for each Category and Product for SEO.
  • The Ability of Adding Images for each Product.
  • Auto Thumbnails for Products images
  • Can change the Images count on each Row.
  • WYSIWYG Editor for products details with auto description creating system , with the ability of change or remove the WYSIWYG Editor.
  • The Ability of set if the product can be shipped or not.
  • The Ability of Specify the Product weight
  • The Ability of setting the default products sort and enable/disable visitors sort feature.
  • Auto Sliding menu for Offers
  • Hot Items Menu.
  • Related Products Menu
  • The Ability to set the products count shown Per Page
  • RSS Feed for Products that can be used in Rss Supported Applications and websites . Ex : Windows Gadgets , Facebook

Customers & Orders

  • Registration System with the ability of Disabling it.
  • The Ability of Adding custom information fields and set if they are required or optional.
  • Clients can save their addresses to use them directly when making new orders
  • Favorite Product system for Clients.
  • Messages inbox for clients to receive messages from admin or another clients.
  • The Ability of connect clients system with external users database , like vBulliten , Allomani Scripts , or any another supported databases
  • The Ability of sending messages from admin to clients emails or inbox.
  • The Ability of using SMTP or PHP Emailing system with selecting the Language , Encoding or Type (HTML - TEXT)
  • Easy Usage Orders Management System
  • Orders Search system using any of order details.
  • Custom Orders status , and notify client when order status changed
  • The Ability of selecting the default status for orders that can be shipped and orders without shipping , and special settings for each status
  • Control Panel for clients to check orders and status
  • Ajax Shopping Cart

Payment & Shipping Methods

  • The Ability of Modify and Add Payment Gateways , Ex: Paypal , Plimus , Check2out , CashU , Etc..
  • The Ability of Managing The Payment Methods and add details and gateways (if required) for each Payment Method
  • The Ability of Managing The Shipping Method and specify method for each Category

Templates & Language Management

  • The Ability of Adding Multiple Styles
  • Easy of Use Templates System with Ability of changing CSS and images folder for each style
  • The Ability of Manage Phrases to edit specific language words or support new languages


  • News Section to add last products news or company news
  • WYSIWYG editor for news with Ability of changing or remove the editor


  • RSS Feeds System
  • Automated Sitemap can be used in Google Webmasters Tools
  • HTML urls to support SEO with the ability of request normal version
  • The Ability of hiding website name or section name from sub-pages
  • The Ability of Specify Meta Description and Title for each product or Category


  • The Ability of specifying Ads. Places and Appearance pages
  • The Ability of Adding Normal Image and link Ads. or HTML code Ads.
  • Couting Ads. Clicks and Views.
  • The Ability of Adding Ads. between Menus.
  • Offers Menu with Auto Changing System.
  • Easy of Changing Ads. Sort by Drag & Drop Feature.


  • Easy of Changing Menus Sort and Places using Drag & Drop Feature
  • The Ability of Specify Appearance Pages for Each Menu.
  • The Ability of Edit , Delete , and Adding New Menus with Supporting PHP or HTML Codes.
  • The Ability of Select a Specify Style for each Menu
  • Tabbed Menus System for Merge Several Menus in One Menu and Change between them.

Moderators & Permissions

  • Moderators and Administrators System with Ability of Specifying Special Permissions for Each Moderator.
  • The Ability of Adding Specific Moderators for Each Category
  • The Ability of Specify Controlling Sections For Each Moderator  Ex : Templates , News , Clients , Etc.
  • Strong Password Check and Generate System For More Securing.
  • Control Panel in Separated Folder with Ability to change it Name for More Securing

Hooks & Plugins

  • Internal Plugins Hooks system that make you the ability to add PHP or html codes on several places inside the Script
  • Plugins System to Add More Features to the Script Easily.

Files Uploader

  • The Ability of Uploading Categories, Products , Gateways , Etc. Images Directly from Your Computer.
  • The Ability of Resizing any Image Directly from Uploader
  • Auto convert Arabic files names to English for more compatibility with Web Servers


  • Database Backup System
  • Database Repair and Optimize System

Other Features

  • The Ability of Close or Open Website Browsing at any time.
  • The Ability of Adding Sub Pages with Supporting of HTML and PHP Codes and WYSIWYG Editor
  • Statistics System for Website Visitors , Browsers Types , OS Type , Etc.
  • Votes Systems.

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